Meet the team

Hi. We’re the team at SKIPJAQ, and this is our page. Scroll on down to see what we all look like (sort of), what we do for the company, and which office we work from when we’re not taking up space in a coffee shop somewhere.

Want to know more about what SKIPJAQ does? Then you’ll need to start from the beginning. We’re a pretty diverse bunch here at SKIPJAQ - we speak - and code - in a lot of languages; we’re into books, films, television shows, social sports, board games, tech wizardry of all kinds, GIFs, pubs, and international travel.

What do we all have in common? We’re all searching for the answer to that eternally vexed question: what shall we have for lunch? Interested in swelling our ranks? Then this is what you need.

  • Andrea
    Executive Assistant / Office Manager
  • Chris
    Senior Staff Engineer
  • Colin
    Head of Marketing
  • Dan
    Senior Staff Engineer
  • Doug
    VP of Engineering
  • Henry
    Director of Operations
  • Ian
    Staff Engineer
  • Rob
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Sam
    Staff Engineer
  • Skip Jack
  • Stephen
    Lead Data Scientist
  • Steve
    Distinguished Engineer